Book a Legendary Greek Ride

Book a riding adventure with Legendary Rides in Greece

  • Fly to Athens and ride on the Isle of Peloponnisos

  • 7 days of riding on beautiful scenic roads

  • Amazing weather and four sets of dates in 2018


While there’s a lot to be said for an epic road trip through America on an Indian motorcycle, here’s an opportunity to ride one in Greece.

Legendary Rides is a unique motorcycle tour company set up by the experienced Pavlos Emmanuel, operating under the license of Greek National Tourism Organisation.

Pavlos says. “We aim to give riders a touring experience that will engage all five of their senses in the stunning scenery of Peloponnisos, just a two hour drive from Athens Airport. You’ll ride a great motorcycle, a 2018 model year Indian Chieftain, in Greece with all of its cultural heritage, its historical sites and its 300 sunny days per year.”

Tours last 9 days with 7 days of riding and take place from a Saturday to a Sunday, making it an ideal escape for a week’s holiday.

Dates for 2018 are:

19th to 27th May

9th to 17th June

8th to 16th September

22nd to 30th September

Active members of the IMRG (Indian Motorcycle Riders Group) receive a 5% discount and dealers who book eight places on a tour will receive a bonus place free of charge.

A promo video of the tour can be seen here.

See more at


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