Indian Thunder Stroke 111 Gets a Power-Up for 2018…

…but loses the option for Stage 1 & 2 performance improvements. Blame the EU bureaucrats for once again spoiling our fun!

All of Indian Motorcycle’s 2018 Thunder Stroke 111 bikes will receive a 21% power increase with an extra 15hp and 15Nm of torque. The extra oomph comes in response to the EU clamping down on manufactures performance upgrades, effectively outlawing them in the EMEA region. The bloody kill joys!

This means the option to improve engine performance (by similar increments) by adding a Stage 1 exhaust and highflow air filter and Stage 2 cams will no longer be available in the EMEA region from 31st December 2017. Therefore if you want a little more rock’n’roll rattle from your TS111 you’ve got until the end of the year to get it done.

While this is a worrying trend if you’re into your custom motorcycles it’s not a total ban on aftermarket exhausts and performance parts. Exhausts and aftermarket mods will still be available, just not from the motorcycle manufacturers and will probably need a Power Commander to remap the fueling.

Are you worried about increasingly authoritarian nanny states messing with our custom culture? Let me know in the comments.


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