Moonshine Moto A GoGo

The Moonshine Moto website has been launched and now there is no turning back to save face. With my love of custom motorcycles forever increasing and my YouTube channel Dazzle Rebel Rides growing at a rate that I never expected, I wanted a more focused ‘professional’ home for my future motorcycle endeavours.

Dazzle Rebel Rides will continue to be a ‘moto vlogging’ channel and ‘moto blog’ on but with Moonshine Moto I want to up the production quality of both. I want Moonshine Moto to provide much more polished video content. This will inevitably mean fewer videos per year than I can achieve with my ‘rough around the edges’ Dazzle Rebel Rides channel. The Moonshine Moto YouTube channel will officially launch at some point in 2018 (although you can subscribe now and be notified as soon as the first video posts).

Initially Moonshine Moto will follow the progress of my first custom motorcycle project ‘Kount Kwackula’, my not-so-gracefully aging Kawasaki ER6n commuter. In between these posts I will also be sharing some interesting photos, stories and projects from other builders in the world of custom motorcycles. So if you’ve got a project you want to share with me then get in touch!

Moonshine Moto Solid White Moon Long

My long-term plan for Moonshine Moto is for it to grow into a brand synonymous with modern custom culture. I want Moonshine Moto to be at the cutting edge of the custom scene while paying homage to its rich history. If you want to be part of it then gimme a shout and let me know how you can help.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to subscribe, follow and share to your hearts content!


Moony Fact #1: Moonshine Moto is named after my Persian cat and that is the reason the logo is a black cat infront of a full moon.


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