Turbo Power Indian Scout!

This is a pretty damn impressive build. By now we all know that the Indian Scout engine has plenty of performance potential but by adding a TURBO, the Swedish Fullhouse team have created a beautiful monster.

This is the press release from Indian Motorcycles:

Anders Lundgren and Lasse Sundberg have built this incredible Super Scout and the pair say it’s a tribute to the Swedish co-founder of Indian, Oscar Hedström. Continue reading “Turbo Power Indian Scout!”


116 cu BIG Bore Stage 3 Kit now available for Indian Thunder Stroke 111…

…but probably not if you live in Europe.

This looks fantastic and if I lived in the US then I would be very excited. Alas I live in the UK which despite being in the throws of BREXIT is still controlled by the Eurocrats. As part of EU4 regulations any ‘tuning’ modifications are banned. This is also the reason that the Stage 1 exhaust and Stage 2 Cams will not be available after 31st December 2017.

Check out this video and if you’re in the US drool over the sound of that Stage 3 motor, while those of us in Europe collectively sob and sigh…


Continue reading “116 cu BIG Bore Stage 3 Kit now available for Indian Thunder Stroke 111…”

Suzuki Joins the “Neo-Retro” Club, finally…

…but is it too little too late?

Suzuki haven’t exactly been setting the world afire with their motorcycle range of late. Well the 2017 GSX-R1000 has been getting a lot of great reviews but we’re not interested in plastic fantastic sportsbikes in the pages of Moonshine Moto. It’s custom bikes and factory retros we like and Suzuki has been rather conspicuous by their absence in this category. That is until now because the SV650X is their forray into the ‘neo-retro’ scene.

“The SV650X pays homage to the tarmac rally cars of the 1970s”

Taking the pokey, sweet handling and incredibly underrated SV650 Continue reading “Suzuki Joins the “Neo-Retro” Club, finally…”

Indian Thunder Stroke 111 Gets a Power-Up for 2018…

…but loses the option for Stage 1 & 2 performance improvements. Blame the EU bureaucrats for once again spoiling our fun!

All of Indian Motorcycle’s 2018 Thunder Stroke 111 bikes will receive a 21% power increase with an extra 15hp and 15Nm of torque. The extra oomph comes in response to the EU clamping down on manufactures performance upgrades, effectively outlawing them in the EMEA region. The bloody kill joys!

This means the option to improve engine performance (by similar increments) by adding a Stage 1 exhaust and highflow air filter and Stage 2 cams will Continue reading “Indian Thunder Stroke 111 Gets a Power-Up for 2018…”

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